Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip to the beach

We had a great day at the beach last Friday .
We went exploring rockpools and around seaweed and found lots of interesting creatures,shells,stones and seaweed.

Our butterflies

Our butterflies came out of their cocoons.Look how beautiful they are!


We have been learning about Vikings -where they came from , how they were very skilled but very fierce.We learned about the types of boats they sailed and where they sailed to.
We also learned about runes -the alphabet they used ,and we painted runes onto stones.


Is it magnetic?

The children explored the classroom with magnets today to see what would stick to them.The coins were a big hit!

Fun with water!

We had great fun with water recently.We guessed which things would float and sink and then experimented to see if we were right.
We also guessed how many cups of water it would take to fill different containers.There was great excitement when guesses were right!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More school tour pictures

Next we stood in a circle and listened to different birds singing.
After that we played a Camouflage the mouse house game.Three out of four mice houses were found by the nasty fox but one clever group got away!

After that, we went to the playground -there was a slide,a sandpit,a climbing frame and  a water pump.

We moved on to a stone circle where we did crayon rubbings of the story of Saint Brigid.
We went on wicker swings after that.

Eunice told us the story of Saint Brigid and her cloak ,and then we played a parachute game.

After that,we walked out beside water to look at dragonflies.

We went into a dark cave after that and spoke about bats!

Our last activity was Music!
We played the drums and made the Summer Queen appear.We followed her through the trees to a throne and there we made wishes for a happy summer.

A really lovely day...